10 December 2011

Holiday Gifts-52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History

Week 50.  Holiday Gifts.  Describe any memorable Christmas or Hanukkah gifts you received as a child.

Christmas 1961-ish

I love the expression of excitement on my face in this picture.  I don't remember this Christmas, per se, but I do remember that suitcase.  It was for doll clothes.  I think it was red in color, with a white handle and two flip closures.   It must have been a doll accessory Christmas as there is a high chair in the background.

Other favorite childhood Christmas gifts include:  Larry the Lion, Barbie's friend, Midge, Board games (Candy Land, Uncle Wiggly, Life, and Monopoly) and a cupboard for play dishes.  Anyone else remember getting furniture that was made of cardboard?  Things sure have changed.  


  1. I remember getting a little cardboard trunk for my doll clothes. I think it was gray with a pink line somewhere.

  2. Kristin, it must have been the thing to give at the time. I don't remember my children having trunks for their doll clothes.