08 December 2011

First Street: Those Places Thursday

Harbor Beach, Michigan

This is probably my favorite place to live.  I loved this house.  This house had character, from the leaded glass windows to the beautiful wood trim and doors, it was charming.  The two rooms on the left of the picture were warm and cheery.  The downstair's rooms included a living room, dining room, sun room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.  Upstairs had three bedrooms, a sun room, bathroom and landing area.

We lived in this home for two years.  My memories of this house include:
  •  Summer carnival days in front of our house
  • Walking to school and meeting my boyfriend halfway and walking together
  • A beautiful lilac tree outside the back door
  • Parties that my parents had; have you ever seen your principal drunk?
  • Doing homework at the snack bar in the kitchen
  • Closing up my bedroom over the porch in the winter and moving to another room to sleep
  • High school graduation day


  1. What an adorable house and such warm lovely memories! I'm glad you shared with us.

  2. A gorgeous house! As I was reading through posts today and saw the picture the first thing that came to mind was, "I'd love to live there!"

  3. Michelle, thanks, I agree it is adorable

    Cheryl, I would love to be living in that house too. Maybe I can move it!