21 December 2011

Our Heritage Christmas Tree

Our Heritage Christmas Tree
December 2011

I have been thinking about putting a Christmas tree up that celebrates our family's heritage for awhile now.  I finally did it this year.  This tree is in addition to our regular Christmas tree.

A short, fall, getaway weekend to Frankenmuth, Michigan and Bronner's Christmas Store motivated me to do it this year.  We found a very nice, four-foot tree, which is what I had been looking for.  In addition, I bought flag ornaments for the countries our ancestors emigrated from; plus, the United States.  Bronner's had all of the flags we needed except for The Netherlands.   I did find The Netherland's flag ornament online, so our countries are complete.
L-R Top Row:  United States, Switzerland, Great Britain
        Middle Row:  Ireland, France, Germany
        Bottom Row:  Netherlands, Canada, Scotland

Currently, I only have the flag ornaments and a couple of ornaments that celebrates Dutch Heritage.  I am going to leave it this way for now.  I don't know what else I want to add.  I am open to ideas, so please share yours in the comment section.
Merry Christmas, Everyone!


  1. Brenda, what a clever idea and I like the beads, which you don't see very often. Another idea is to add small pictures of your ancestors, but it's nice just the way you have it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. OOOOO, what fun, the flag ornaments are lovely! And, don't we just LOVE Bronners??

  3. Thanks, Barbara-I will have to look for some small frames.

    Carol, yes we do love Bronners!

  4. Beautiful tree and I love this idea.