28 February 2012

Otto Robert Fredricks and Faye Nelson Fredricks-Tombstone Tuesday

Gravestone of Otto R. Fredricks, 1923-1997 and Faye L. Fredricks, 1923-1982, Brethren Cemetery, Brethren, Michigan. (Corner of N. High Bridge Rd and Coates Highway).
Photo and transcription by Brenda Leyndyke on July 2010 visit.

FAYE L.          OTTO R.
1923-1982         1923-1997

Otto Robert Fredricks is the son of Otto August Fredrick and Daisy Ellen (Graf) Fredrick.  He was born 23 June 1923 at home, near Brethren, Michigan.  He died 18 January 1997 in Kaleva, Manistee, Michigan.  He married Faye Lorraine(Nelson) Kolk 9 June 1945.  Faye Lorraine Nelson was born 29 August 1923.  She died 25 June 1982 in Palm Beach, Florida.

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