09 June 2012

Seeing Emma Fredrick Chalmers Through Her Granddaughter's Eyes

Second cousins meeting for the first time, Brenda (left) and Mari (right), May 2012

Recently, I connected with a second cousin, Mari, and her husband, Ernie, and to my delight I got to meet them.  I knew that we would want lots of time to talk, so I invited them to my house for dinner.  Mari came bearing pictures, lots of pictures.  She had actual photographs and even more on a flash drive.  She had a binder of information that her mother had researched and written.  A genealogists dream come true!  I put my flip pal scanner to good use that night.

There is never enough time when you meet a cousin for the first time to hear all about the family, but I really appreciated her sharing her family with me.  Mari's grandmother, Emma Fredrick Chalmers, and my grandfather, Otto August Fredrick, were brother and sisters.  They were the children of Johann August Fredrick and Louise Zastrow Fredrick.

I plan to share more about Emma in the weeks to come, but I want to share a few pictures of Emma and her husband, James B. Chalmers.  Emma Fredrick and James B. Chalmers were married 6 June 1905 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  They were the parents of eight children:  Catherine, Lottie, Robert, Mary, Oral, Margaret, Audrey, and Richard.  Their spent their married life in Acton, Ontario, Canada.

The pictures show the love these two had for each other.  Mari said she knew her grandparents quite well.  They were very loving people.  Thank you Mari for visiting and sharing Emma's family with me.  I am still giddy from it!

  James B. and Emma Chalmers

Emma and James B. Chalmers 31 July 1944 

Emma and James B. Chalmers


  1. What a wonderful treat you have had meeting your second cousin! Those photos are so cute. They really did look like they loved each other very much. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jana, it sure was a treat. I think it is one of the best parts of blogging.

  3. Brenda, what a wonderful story and, I'm tickled pink that you were able to meet and share your information. Way to go friend.

  4. Thanks, Barbara. I see a trip to Canada in my future. Blogging friends are the best:)