30 June 2012

Glover: Surname Saturday

The Glover surname is near and dear to my heart, as it is my surname.  When I first started blogging I chose Glover as my first Surname Saturday.  Since that Saturday, over two years ago, I have researched many Glovers. 

My Glover line comes from England to the United States in the early 1600's.  Researching this lineage has had its' challenges.  There are three Henry Glovers who migrated to the U.S. during this time.  I haven't been able to connect my lineage to the immigrant Henry Glover, yet.  I wrote about the three Henry Glover's previously.  I am confident that I descend from one of the Henry Glover's (unless there is a fourth, undiscovered one) as I have found his son listed as Henry Jr. in records and I am able to source his son as an ancestor quite well.

The Glover's in my family tree settled in the following areas:  Massachusetts (Dedham, Milton, and Conway), Connecticut (New London), New York (Phelps and Rochester), Michigan (Ypsilanti, Adrian, Jackson, Marquette and Royal Oak).

I descend from the following Glover's:

·         Henry II Glover (1642-6 April 1714)
+Hannah  (-20 September 1720)
·         Henry III Glover (20 August 1670-)
+Mary Crehore (27 July 1677-)
·         Thomas Glover (8 January 1719-1 October 1782)
+Joan Swift (4 December 1712-22 December 1800)
·         Alexander Glover (20 March 1756-27 January 1826)
+Sarah Salisbury (26 June 1763-28 February 1827)
·         Samuel Stillman Glover (11 September 1798-30 May 1870)
+Vinera Eglantine Powers (July 1802-14 February 1847)
·         Samuel Stillman Glover Jr (13 May 1836-12 April 1904)
+Adaline L. Dyer (6 March 1838-19 December 1917)
·         Frank H Glover (7 August 1863-7 October 1925)
+Hattie Lodema Fenn (6 June 1864-14 December 1951)
·         Harry Glover (6 May 1883-6 September 1950)
Sarah Lilla Watt (23 November 1884-31 March 1965)
·         My Dad
·         Myself

Do you have Glover ancestry from these areas?  Please leave a message, who knows we may be cousins.

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