05 June 2012

Glover Family Anniversary Weekend


My parent's 60th wedding anniversary was 31 May 2012.  My family, my brother's family, and my two sister's families planned a surprise anniversary weekend for them.  We were successful in pulling it off.  I had told my parent's that my husband and I were going to take them to Fieldstone Grill in Portage Michigan for their 60th anniversary.  What they didn't know was that other family members would be there waiting.  Everyone but my niece and her husband weren't there.  He serves in the military and she is expecting her first child in October.  Our family is spread throughout the United States:  Texas, Washington, Florida, Illinois, Arkansas, Montana, Virginia, and Michigan. 

The Celebrated Couple-Bruce and Audrey Glover

My parent's have provided a loving example of what marriage means.  My dad has shown me how a wife should be treated.  He is a very loving father and husband.  My mother is tough on the outside but a heart of gold on the inside.  I am very blessed to still have them in my life.

The Glover Family, South Haven, Michigan
L-R Going Up Stairs:  Nancy, Colton, Scott, Bruce, Audrey, Linda, Jeff, Ryan, Jessica, David, Baby Nico.   L-R On Porch:  Chase, Kirsten, Alayna, Travis, Brenda, Kirk, Neil, Cutie Pie, and Amanda

The dinner wasn't the only surprise for them.  We had rented a house in South Haven, Michigan to spend a long weekend together.  My parents; their four children and spouses; two grandchildren and their spouses; one grandchild and his girlfriend; three other grandchildren and one great grandchild for a total of 20 shared the house.  It had eight bedrooms and five bathrooms.  The home was gorgeous.  99.9% of the time we got along fine, we were a normal family, I guess.  Time was spent getting reacquainted with each other, watching softball, going out to places in South Haven, watching the sun set over Lake Michigan, and visiting Saugatuck, Michigan.  My son-in-law was the official photographer for family photo time.

Cutie Pie and Me

There were a lot of special moments, but this is one of my favorite moments.  I got to see Cutie Pie!  She is my two year old niece from Texas.  My parents truly enjoyed seeing their whole (almost) family together at once.  It was the first time we were ever together like this. 

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