25 June 2012

Smashbook for Genealogy: Genea-gifts

I think my adult children have embraced my love of genealogy as I have noticed an uptick in genea-gifts.  My daughter, Kirsten, is a crafty one.  She even has her own etsy shop:  Quirk Crafts

One of the recent genea-gifts I received was a Smashbook for Genealogy.  What is a Smashbook?  It is a pretty notebook/pre-made scrapbook to paste things in and write notes or to use for journaling.  It is a place to store ideas, clippings, cards, and more.  Smash is an actual trademark product, but you can make your own smashbook quite easily, or so my daughter says.

I love my genealogy smashbook.  It is personalized just for me, even to the point of the binding being on the right side to make my left-handed writing so much easier.  It came with a smash stick, which is a pen and glue stick all in one.  It can't get any easier than that.

There are about 22 pages in my book.  Pages are beautifully decorated with pockets and envelopes, copies of family pictures and memento's which were taken from this blog, vintage looking pictures and maps, pages for writing and so much more. 

I am using my smashbook for the things I pick up on my genealogy research trips.  I love it.  Do you need to clean out your genealogy junk drawer?  You can have your own genealogy smashbook, here.

How would you use a genealogy smashbook?  Please share in the comment section.

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