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13 July 2012

The first time I heard the word Posen was when I asked my mother where her grandfather, Johann August Fredrick, came from.  She said the only thing she knew was Posen, Prussia.  Well, it is a start and better than just Prussia.  Was Posen the town he came from as a few of my cousins believed or was it the Province?  If it was the Province, then I had my work cut out for me.

It wasn't until I was contacted by a 'cousin', Michael, who lives in Germany and is a Fredrick, (or Fredrich as it was known in Prussia) that I knew for certain.  It was the province.  More specifically, the Bromberg area of Posen.  Once that was discovered I went looking for information.

One of the websites that I have found helpful with my Posen the Province research is  Posen-Official website of the Posen-L mailing list.  It is so much more than a mailing list.  It has information from the Prussian Province of Posen, which is also known as Posen, Germany; Posen, Prussia; Province of Posen; Poznan, Poland and a few other names.

A few of the highlights of this website include:
  • Search Area
  • Master Index-list of topics available on website
  • Brickwalls-help for those pesky Posen ancestors or documents
  • Surnames-browse surnames and see others who recorded them
  • Places-church, court, military, and police districts are found here
  • Tools-help with finding Posen communities
  • Resource-area for more information and help
  • Subscribe-where you can subscribe to the mailing list.
I have barely touched the surface of this website.  Every time I go to it I get wrapped up in the information there.  I even got sidetracked when I went to capture the url for this blog post. 
Do you have Posen, Prussia ancestry?  Give this website a look, you won't be disappointed.


Celia Lewis said...

How wonderful for you to be able to find such a helpful resource! I'm still struggling to find where in south-west Germany my ancestors came from - very few clues. Thanks for posting - I clearly need to learn to do more digging!

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