12 February 2013

Glover Surname in Arkansas and South Carolina

I have said before that one of the best parts of blogging is the people you come in contact with, relatives and others.  I was contacted in December by Sherry, a Glover researcher.  Sherry was looking for information on John Bates Glover, born in 1809 in Barnwell, South Carolina.

Sherry's and my Glover line do not connect, that we know of.  She thought maybe I had come across information that might be useful to her in her research.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to help her.  I haven't come across her Glover line in my research.

Sherry has given me permission to post her Glover information on my blog in hopes that other Glover researchers will find it.  If you would like to be put in contact with Sherry, please leave a comment or contact me by email, which can be found on the right panel of my blog page.

Sherry's email to me:

Hi Brenda:
Ran across your website while doing my genealogy research & although I do not believe we are of the same Glover line, I would like to ask you if you could assist me on finding a John Bates Glover born in 1809 in Barnwell, SC.  We have enough samples now in the Glover DNA project from some of John's living great grandsons to determine that these men are descendant of the William Glover/Mary Norwood line out of Surry Co., VA/Granville Co. NC, so who are they...might they be the parents of John Bates Glover?  I am told that the place where his birth certificate would have been housed was destroyed by a fire yrs. ago, so no one in our Glover linkage has been able to get beyond John Bates Glover. 
1809-1884      John Bates Glover
1824-1914      Lucy Ann Courtney

Lucy Ann Courtney's parents were John Parum and Nancy Kent Courtney of South Carolina. This line goes back to Robert Courtney born in 1650 in Branton, England. John Parum Courtney's parents were Jonathan and Cecilia McQueen Courtney. 

John & Lucy's children were as follows, & I am of the Joseph J. linkage:
·           John W Glover
·                     William Judson Glover
·                     Joseph J Glover 
·                     Jabas Lafayette Glover
·                     Jessie Andrew Glover
·                     Lucy Ann Glover
·                     Brooks B Glover
·                     Margaret Sue Glover
·                     Edmond Chris Glover
·                     James Thomas Glover
·                     George W Glover
·                     Sarah Glover


  1. Looking for William Zeigler Glover in Arkansas

  2. I hope someone researching William in Arkansas will find this blog post and leave a comment. Good luck with finding William.

    1. My grandfather was William Glover came from Boone county Arkansas to Missouri

  3. My dad's family.all came from boone county Arkansas my dad was Lester Glover son of William Glover my number is 417 621 8239

    1. Hi my name is Terryl Glover,son of George Glover from Camden Arkansas,my email is smittyadrian4@gmail.com I'm looking for my Glover roots

  4. I am sure we are all related somehow. Good luck finding your family ancestry. So far, I haven't found any southern connections.

  5. Hello, my name is Fred. John & Lucy’s son Jesse Andrew was our family’s great grandfather.