20 April 2013

Hot Diggity Blog!!

Tuesday was a cold, dreary Michigan morning.  I had just returned from the doctor's office and had been told to rest and drink plenty of fluids.  I had woken up with a sore throat and was scheduled for minor surgery the next day.  I did not want to have to reschedule my surgery so I was being a good patient.  I made myself a hot chai tea and sat down with my laptop to rest.  I was looking through Facebook and saw Heather Rojo's post thanking Thomas(MacEntee) for the links to an article and thanking Family Tree Magazine for choosing her blog. (Nutfield Genealogy). I left a comment for Heather and immediately went to check it out.  I was excited for Heather and thought it was cool that one of my facebook friends was included on the list.

I was scrolling down the list of best bloggers and impressed with how many of the blogs I follow.  I started reading the Good Advice Awardees:  The Armchair Genealogist, Dear Myrtle, Gena-Musings, Genealogy Tip of the Day, Hidden Genealogy, Midwestern Microhistory and Olive Tree Genealogy.  Yep, I regularly read all of those.  Next, was Mississippi Memories-ooh I found a new blog to follow!

I continued reading through the other categories:  Tech Support, Gravestone Matters, Heritage Help, and Shop Talk.  I was thinking, "Wow!  These are some great blogs!"  I follow almost all of them and made note of new ones to follow.  

The last category was Story Time.  I am scrolling down the list and ... wait, Journey to the Past!  That is my blog, I think.  I read the snippet and there in black and white is my name.  OMG!  My blog was included.  I am in shock.  

After I calmed down from the shock, I felt fortunate to be included with such a great group of bloggers.  Sometimes, as I sit and write my blog in little ole Battle Creek, Michigan, I wonder if anyone is reading what I write.  I guess they are.

Thank you Family Tree Magazine for including "Journey to the Past" in your 2013 selection.  I am truly honored.  I can relate to the words of David A. Fryxell, when he writes about "stick-to-itiveness".  I, too, struggle with finding the balance between writing and researching.

For me, it is important to write about my research.  I have gotten more than I ever thought imaginable from blogging.  I have met wonderful bloggers.  It is always fun to be contacted by readers who would like to know more about something I have written and being able to help them.  I didn't think anything could replace the feeling of receiving my great grandmother's Bible or my great grandparent's wedding pictures, but when I met a Glover cousin and a Fredrick cousin, I was overwhelmed.  All of this because of sharing my research through blogging.

Family Tree Magazine Cover, May/June 2013 Issue.  Published by F+W Media, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio.

I was recovering at home when I received my copy of this month's Family Tree Magazine.  I flipped to page 27 and read the article, "Hot Blog" and smiled again when I saw my blog listed.  I was selected in the Story Time category, "Making one's family tree interesting to those not hanging from its' branches is a feat for a genealogy writer.  The family tales of these bloggers engage us with words and images, and offer useful bits of research wisdom" say David A. Fryxell in his article, "Hot Blog".   Below, is what was written about Journey to the Past.

 Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2013 p. 32

Congratulations to all the bloggers who contribute their individual talents to the genealogy blogging world.  You make researching easier and fun with all your tips and topics.  I am honored to be included in this year's group.

(My surgery went well and I am fine.  I just had to have a couple of lumps removed from my back.  Nurse Kirk is taking good care of me as I recover.)


  1. Well that is just too cool! Congrats on being included in Family Tree Magazine. I just discovered it a few months ago. It's a great magazine. I follow your blog and enjoy the posts. I think I should also begin a genealogy blog, separate from my main blog.

  2. Loretta, I agree that Family Tree Magazine is great. Thank you for following my blog. You should begin a genealogy blog. I have met many wonderful readers and discovered new found cousins through blogging. Let me know if you do because I want to follow it.

  3. Congratulations! It is a well-deserved honor. :)

  4. Holy crap! You're like a genealogy rockstar! Congratulations! What's next? A spot in an Ancestory.com commercial?

  5. adventuringinancestry, thank you for your kind words.

    Kirsten, Thanks, I love your enthusiasm for your mom. I have you to thank for my blog start. This award is for you too, you guest blog. I don't think I am the demographic ancestry.com is going for these days!