07 September 2013

My Purchases at FGS 2013

I am still following up on everything I did in Fort Wayne, Indiana at the FGS conference.  I researched, attended sessions and visited the exhibit hall to name a few things I did.  I am still processing the research I did at Allen County Public Library.  I have facts and sources to enter into my genealogy software and new leads to follow.  This year, I used a tablet to take notes right on the pdf. copy of the syllabus.  I have reviewed the notes and filed the pdf. for future use.

I loved visiting the exhibit hall.  I think I made three trips to it.  The first was just to get a feel for where everything was.  Then, I spent one session taking my time going through it.  I purchased a few things while I was there.  I thought I would share my books with you.

1.  They Came in Ships by John P. Colletta, PhD.-I have looked at this book many times in the past.  I have read parts of it at the library, but never bought it.  I wasn't sure if I needed it.  The author, John P. Colletta, was a presenter at the conference.  I thought he was an excellent speaker.  I should have attended more of his sessions.  It was only after hearing him speak about immigration records that I went and purchased the book.  I was lucky, I got the last copy at the exhibit hall. This easy to read, short book is packed with information.  Dr. Colletta covers what passenger lists tell you about your ancestors, what you need to know and where to find it, passenger information before 1820, passenger lists after 1820, Ellis Island myths and reality, and pages of bibliographic sources.  I am enjoying this book very much.

2.  The German Research Companion by Shirley J. Reimer, Roger P. Minert and Jennifer A. Anderson- I have wanted this book for two years now, ever since I attended a four hour German research workshop and it was recommended as a must have German research book.  I went back to the exhibit hall at the FGS conference in 2011 to buy it and it was sold out.  I was bummed.  I could have bought it online, but I never did.  I didn't even have it on my mind at FGS 2013, but the minute I saw it I picked it up.  Three of my maternal great grandparents emigrated from Germany. I have done a little German research, but felt that I needed a good resource book to help me on my way with German genealogy.  This is the book to have.  The nine section book covers everything from German lands past and present to resources, emigration, German language helps, life in our ancestor's times and more.  I haven't delved into yet, but it is on my desk ready to be read.

3.  German Genealogy Research Online by Leland K. Meitzler-This was an impulse buy.  I was looking over the German Genealogy section at the Family Roots Publishing booth and thought this would be interesting.  The magazine size book has 30 online German research resources.  Plus, helpful tips for finding pictures, translating German websites, using German Gazetteers and Surname Distribution maps and more.  It is a good companion piece to number two, above.

4.  Tracing Your English and Scottish Ancestors by Moorshead Magazines-This is a collection of previously published articles from Discovering Family History, Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy magazines all in one magazine.  Three of the sessions I attended during the conference were on English and Scottish Genealogy.  I thought this would be an interesting take home piece for me.  

After attending two of Paul Milner's sessions, I decided I wanted to purchase two more books, A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Scottish Ancestors and A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your English Ancestors both by Paul Milner and Linda Jonas.  Both of these books are out of print, but available in a pdf. version.  I am all for going paperless in my research, but I still like books.

I went back to my hotel room that night and looked for the pdf version for these books.  Then, I thought, I am going to check online to see if anyone has a used copy of these books.  Barnes and Noble did!  I was able to get a used Scottish book for $7.38, including tax and shipping.  I received the book yesterday and other than a little crease in the corner it is in perfect condition.  The English book hasn't arrived yet, but I paid $12.35 including shipping and tax for that one.  I don't have a lot of books on my research shelf, but the ones I do have I use.  

I look forward to using the above books and hope to further my German, English, and Scottish family lines.  Wish me luck! 

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