25 September 2013

Workday Wednesday: Farming: Hard, Hot Work in the 1920's

My great grandfather, Valentine Graf, was a farmer all of his life.  He farmed during a time when he and his horses did all the work. This summer I was visiting cousins and saw some photo's of Valentine and his sons farming.  I had my trusty flip pal scanner with me and I went to work scanning.  I am still in the process of identifying and dating the pictures.  The pictures are taken on Valentine's farm in Brethren, Michigan before 1933, the date of his death.  I do not know anything about farming so I won't attempt to give the names of the machines.  I think you can see from the pictures what a hard worker Valentine would have had to be during this time.

 Unidentified farm hands, not sure what they are doing

 Valentine Graf and his horses.

 Steam engine on the farm
 Unidentified farm workers

Transporting hay to the barn

Hard, hot work


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these farming photos, Brenda. My father grew up on a farm and left in 1933 after the death of his father. It's exciting to me to see photos from the same time period as my own ancestors.

  2. Nancy, I am glad you enjoyed the pictures. Can you imagine how hard they must have worked back then?