28 December 2013

Genealogy for Christmas: My Family is Getting the Message

I think my family is getting the message about how much I enjoy all things genealogy.  This year they gave me gifts that show their understanding of my obsession!

First, is one I don't think my daughter thought of as a genealogy gift, but that is how I plan to use it.  Every Monday I organize my week and this sticky note weekly calendar will come in handy.  I am going to use it to plan my blog posts, webinars and genealogy research.  I love organization and this will come in handy.

Next, is a book by Karen A. Clifford.  I put this on my wish list after her Legacy Family Tree Webinar on Pre 1850 U.S. Research Methodologies, last February. I used money that my parents gave me to purchase this.  I can't wait to sit down, read through it, and use the information to further my research.

I have wanted "My Brave Mechanics" by Mark Hoffman since I read about my 2nd Great Grandfather, Samuel S. Glover in it.  He was part of The First Michigan and Engineers Company and it gives an accounting of his gunshot wound. It is a great representation of the company and their role in the Civil War. My local library has this book, but it is not available for checkout, so I read bits of it every time I go.  I am so happy that my husband gave it to me for Christmas.

Did you receive any genea-gifts this Christmas?  Please share in the comments section, I may want to add them to my wish list for next year!

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