13 November 2014

Glover Family Photo's

I found the following pictures in the Glover and Blodget Family File at Ypsilanti Historical Museum Archives this summer.  The files had a lot of Glover family photographs that I will be sharing in the coming months. The first two photographs are of Sarah Salisbury Glover who married Amos C. Blodget.  

Amos C. Blodget
31 Jan 1822-3 Sept 1906

Sarah Salisbury Glover
18 May 1827-30 Jan 1910

Sarah is the daughter of Charles Williamson Glover and Mary Ann Powers.  Sarah was named after her paternal grandmother Sarah Salisbury, who married Alexander Glover.  Amos Blodget and Sarah Glover were married about 1852.  The photographs were labeled with the spelling of Blodget with two 't's, many public records have only one 't' and I have chosen to use the one 't' spelling at this time.


  1. It looks like your visit to the archives was a success - these are great photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Tim, Yes, the archives were marvelous and so helpful I was very happy with my trip there.