15 November 2014

Huldah Rowley Fenn's Bible: Fenn Obituaries

Page of obituaries from Huldah Rowley Fenn's Bible, click copy above to enlarge.

The second in a series of posts relating to the information in Huldah Rowley Fenn's Bible is for a page of obituaries that someone clipped and saved to the Bible.  Since Huldah died in 1862 she wasn't the one to paste them in the Bible, but someone who received the Bible after her did. The Bible was in the possession of Tully Daniel Fenn at one time.  All of the obituaries are related to the Fenn family. I have transcribed the ones in red below. They are:

  1. Elizabeth Poor Fenn, who was married to Daniel C. Fenn, Huldah's son.
  2. Ella Blake Fenn, who was married to Tully D. Fenn, Huldah's grandson, through her son, Daniel C. Fenn. (two obituaries included)
  3. Tully Daniel Fenn, who was married to Ella Blake Fenn, number 2 above, Huldah's grandson, through her son Daniel C. Fenn. (two obituaries included.)
The last item on the page was a business card for Z. M. Fenn, Zealton Myron Fenn, Huldah's grandson, the oldest son of Daniel C. Fenn and Elizabeth Poor.  


  1. You are so lucky to have this Bible and all these obits at hand. Thanks for sharing! I get a kick out of reading.

  2. Thank you, Marian. I am very lucky to have found a cousin and her willingness to share.