18 December 2014

1845 Census for Sylvan Township, Michigan

Source: Genealogical Society of Washtenaw "MI" County, "State of Michigan 1845 Census for Sylvan Township," Family History Capers newsletter, Volume 6 (April, 1983): p98; PDF images (http://washtenawgenealogy.org/), Available in Members Only Section under Capers Archive.

I have very early pioneer ancestors in Washtenaw County, Michigan with many arriving in the 1830's before Michigan was a state.  Recently, I was reading the April, 1983 edition of Family History Capers when I saw a transcription of the 1845 Census for Sylvan Township, Washtenaw, Michigan. It is a fairly short list and it wasn't hard to see familiar surnames.

The ancestors who were living in Sylvan Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan in 1845 were:

  • William BEGOLE
  • Daniel FENN
  • Orlow FENN
  • Tully, FENN
  • Charles GLOVER
  • Samuel POOR
Three other Glover's were listed, Lorin and two William's.  I need to do more research to see if, and where, they might fit into my family.

Once I read the list I found an image of the 1845 Sylvan Township census at SeekingMichigan.org, now Michiganology. The only information recorded on this census was a list of adult males over the age of 21. Michiganology is a great resource for Michigan records.  If you have Michigan ancestors it is a must see website.

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