24 March 2016

Color Coded Birth Places of My Ancestors

Credit for the idea and spreadsheet to J. Paul Hawthorne

A fun distraction is going around the genealogy community this morning and I thought it would be fun to participate.  The above pedigree chart shows the birth places of my ancestors.  The home person is me, with my father's ancestors across the top and my mother's ancestors across the bottom. 

I like the visual aspect of this chart.  It allows me to see at a glance my heritage  There are thirty one places on this chart.  The birth place of Michigan leads the chart with ten people being born in Michigan.  Second, is Germany with seven ancestors.  I was happy to see I only have two that are unknown.   

I am like a lot of Americans and have a real melting pot of ancestry.  What does a genealogist do on a rainy day? Gets distracted and creates a multi-colored pedigree chart.

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