21 March 2016

35 Moments That Took My Breath Away on Our Anniversary

"Moments that take our breath away" are the best kind of moments.  I have had a number of breathtaking moments in the past 35 years.  I mention 35 years because my husband, Kirk, and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary today.  It is a special occasion for us.  We plan to do a quiet, romantic dinner at Mangia, Mangia restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan, tonight. Our other anniversary celebration is taking what I am calling, "The Great Big New England Genealogy Tour".

The moments that take my breath away have been those moments spent with family.  Share my 35 moments that took my breath away with me.

  1. Meeting Kirk
  2. Our first date at Windjammers Restaurant in Lexington, Michigan
  3. Our engagement after a dinner at Windjammer's Restaurant.
  4. Our Wedding Day!
  5. Our honeymoon to Toronto, Canada
  6. Setting up our first apartment as husband and wife, in Deckerville, Michigan
  7. Living in married student housing, the summer Kirk went to graduate school at Central Michigan University
  8. Celebrating with Kirk upon the completion of his obtaining a Master's Degree in School Counseling
  9. Seeing a positive sign on the pregnancy strip, telling me we were having a baby
  10. The birth of our first child, Kirsten
  11. Buying our first house in Deckerville, Michigan
  12. Seeing the second positive sign on a pregnancy test kit and hoping it was a boy
  13. Having Kirk with me as we are told I miscarried at 20 weeks of pregnancy
  14. Grieving as a couple, Kirk was so strong, through this miscarriage
  15. Finding out I was pregnant again
  16. Celebrating Kirk's first job as an elementary school counselor at Harbor Springs, Michigan
  17. The ride to the hospital, from Harbor Springs to Petoskey. over the railroad tracks to deliver our son, Travis, 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital
  18. Growing as a family of four, living in Harbor Springs, Michigan
  19. Celebrating Kirk's second elementary counselor job with a move to Kalamazoo, Michigan
  20. Taking Kirsten for her first day of preschool at Milwood Cooperative Preschool in Kalamazoo.
  21. Moving to Battle Creek, Michigan to be in the city where Kirk worked
  22. Buying our second house in Lakeview area of Battle Creek, Michigan
  23. Walking Kirsten to her first day of Kindergarten at Riverside Elementary School
  24. Taking Travis to his first day of preschool at Woodlawn Preschool in Battle Creek
  25. Walking Travis to his first day of Kindergarten at Riverside Elementary School
  26. Watching Kirsten walk across the platform to receive her high school diploma
  27. Visiting Kirsten at college at Milliken University in Decatur, Illinois, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre
  28. Meeting Chase, who would become our son in law, and getting to know him
  29. Watching Travis accept his high school diploma at Lakeview School District, Battle Creek
  30. Visiting Travis at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, where he received his BAA in Sports Management 
  31. Meeting Alayna, who would become our daughter in law, and getting to know her
  32. Seeing Kirsten marry Chase Agnello-Dean
  33. Seeing Travis marry Alayna DeSalvo
  34. Watching Kirk as a wonderful role model and father to Kirsten and Travis.
  35. Many beautiful moments in the last 35 years that has me looking forward to all the moments that will take our breath away in the future.
I could go on and on as I have many moments that took my breath away over the past 35 years.  Below you will see the start of our beautiful life and where we are today.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Brenda Leyndyke
21 March 1981
St. John's Lutheran Church, Palms, Michigan

The Leyndyke Family
Christmas in Battle Creek, Michigan
Front Row: Brenda, Ella the Dog, Kirsten, Alayna
Back Row: Kirk, Chase, Travis


  1. Congratulations! Wishing you many more happy anniversaries together.

  2. Thank you Marian. I think we have a few more anniversaries in us.