17 February 2022

The Anniversary of Bruce Glover's Birth 96 Years Old

 Today, celebrates the birthday of my father, Bruce Glover. He would have been 96 years old. There are days when I want to call him and tell him something he would enjoy hearing about.

The 2022 Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals would have pleased him immensely. My dad was a Detroit Lions fan in all kinds of weather. Matthew Stafford was a former Detroit Lions quarterback. He took the Rams to the Super Bowl in his first year on the team. My dad always felt that Stafford was a great quarterback, he just needed a better team to lead. 

My dad passed away in September 2018. He is missed by myself and my family. Here are a few pictures of him through the years. Happy Birthday, Dad.

Bruce Glover, Michigan High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame

Bruce Glover, 1940's

Bruce, Audrey, Brenda, Linda Glover 
in Ferndale MI, at his brothers Hank home, circa 1960

Bruce and Brenda Glover, 1958

                    Bruce Glover, 1930's                        Bruce Glover, 1926

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