03 September 2022

Bruce Glover Elected President of Northern Thumb C Conference

Source: "New Officers for North Thumb Loop," Bay City Times, 19 September 1957, online images, Genealogy Bank: accessed 23 August 2022


New Officers for

North Thumb Loop

Special to the Times

PIGEON-New officers of

The Northern Thumb C Confer

ence were elected Tuesday night

at the annual meeting of

coaches and school officials held

at the Pigeon Community


     The new officers, all of Deck-

erville High, are: president,

Coach Bruce Glover; vice-pres-

ident Coach Jim Waldo, and

Secretary-treasurer, George Le-


     Retiring president is John

Noell, of Harbor Beach.

My father was involved in coach’s associations throughout his career. He was a charter member of the Michigan High School Coaches Association. The above newspaper clipping shows he was elected President of the Northern Thumb C Conference. 

He went to many thumb conference meetings in his role as a coach and athletic director for Deckerville Community Schools and Harbor Beach Community Schools, both in Michigan.

Michigan schools are classified as Class A, B, C, and D for sport team purposes, with Class A being the largest schools. Each class has student population ranges. It has changed throughout the years as student population has declined. 

The interesting thing about this record, to me, is the date: September 19, 1957. It was four days after my birth! I asked my mom about this, and she said she was in the hospital for six days. My sister, who was four at the time, was staying with my Aunt Mabel and Uncle Hank Glover in Ferndale. 

My mom was the quintessential coach’s wife. Even if she were home with a day’s old newborn, she wouldn't have stopped him from going. 

My dad coached Reserve Football, Varsity Basketball and Track in 1956-1957 school year. Here are pictures of his teams.


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