21 September 2022

Wordless Wednesday: Unidentified Children

 I have many pictures in my collection of people that are not identified. This one is interesting because of the clothes. If I had to guess it is from my maternal grandmother's side of the Mast family. She came from Mennonite and Church of the Brethren ancestry. Any thoughts?


  1. What a fabulous photo to have in the family collection. Their clothing does have the look of a conservative religious community. I can only see a bit of the photo edge and you didn't mention the size of the picture, but if I had to guess, it looks like maybe a 1920s-1930s style photograph.

  2. Were the children dressed to represent a previous time-period, perhaps for a play or a family event? I think all of the clothing that we can see (except maybe the headgear) looks too large for them. Could it have been for Halloween? I ask because of the harvested field they're standing in.
    What cute children. The older girl looks so happy!