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Linda's Birthday

21 November 2010

My older sister, Linda, is celebrating a birthday, today.  Happy Birthday, Linda!  Although we live several states away, I am thinking of her today.  If I lived closer, I would make her favorite German Chocolate cake and take it over.  I remember our mom making German Chocolate Cake from scratch for her birthday.  She would serve it on a beautiful Fostoria crystal cake pedestal.  This picture was taken in Ferndale, Michigan at our aunt and uncle's house, Hank and Mabel Glover.  I am guessing it to be around 1960-61.  I don't remember the dolls names.   One of my favorite memories from childhood with Linda include the time we put on a play in the garage and invited neighbors to watch.  When I was in college, Linda would come and visit.  I always appreciated those visits.  I hope your birthday is special, just like you are.


Barbara Poole said...

Even though I haven't made your Banana Cake recipe yet, I would love your recipe for the German Chocolate Cake as well. Hopefully, you will post it during a Christmas post. Please, please.
And, Happy Birthday to your sister. What a darling photo of you two with your dolls.

Brenda Leyndyke said...

Thanks, Barbara. I will gladly share the recipe.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the wonderful post on your blog. I wish I lived closer and I'd be over for that German chocolate cake!! We have a lot of great childhood memories. Great pic -- I remember we always had matching dresses.


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