07 November 2010

Sunday's Obituary: Mary (Wrightweasner) Graf

Source:  Kokomo Daily Tribune, Kokomo, Indiana, 15 June 1898

Mary Graf, widow of Casper Graf, is my maternal great-great grandmother.  She died 13 June 1898, at home near Waupecong.  Waupecong is in Miami County, Indiana.  Mary and Casper Graf were married about 1848 and had eight children.  Caspar Graf died in 1869.  Mary raised their eight children and never remarried.  I don't know which grandchild was with her when she died.  I found it interesting they mentioned her husband's brothers, but nothing about her origins. 


  1. Brenda, Is there a grandson who fits the time frame of eight in 1898? Poor Mary, but that was a great way to go, at least it wasn't from lightning. Aged at 68, eek.

  2. The grandson is on my to-do list, which I seem to have trouble getting to:)