15 November 2010

Monday Madness: Daniel Fenn Timeline

Those pesky brickwalls, where would genealogists be without them?  I have no idea who Daniel Fenn's parents are.  I recently attended a workshop and one of the suggestions was to create a timeline to help solve brickwalls.  You can use the timeline to see where there are gaps in your research and make a plan of what research is needed and where to go next.  Here is my timeline for Daniel Fenn.

Age     Date                  Event
0          1787                 Birth: Vermont, USA
21        28 Feb 1808      Marriage: Huldah Rowley; Shoreham, Addison, Vt
27        Apr-May 1814    Military: Vermont Militia
33        1820                 Census: Shoreham, Addison, Vermont
43        1830                 Census: Shoreham, Addison, Vermont
46        1833                 Residence: Washtenaw County, Michigan
48        14 Oct 1835       Property: Washtenaw County, Michigan
49        8 Mar 1836        Death: Chelsea, Washtenaw, Michigan

The biggest gap in my timeline is from his birth in 1787 to his marriage in 1808.  I need to find definitive proof of Daniel's birth.  One unsourced tree has his birth as Pittsford, Vermont.  So, I need to concentrate my research on Vermont.  I will keep you posted on what I find out.  If any Fenn researchers are reading this, please contact me.  We can compare notes. 

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