09 November 2010

Hattie's Bible: Deaths

Source:  Glover, Hattie L. "Fenn", family data. In The Holy Bible: with Revised New Testament. Chicago: GW Borland & Co., 1882. Original owned in June 2010 by Brenda Leyndyke, [address for private use].

The following deaths were recorded in Hattie Fenn Glover's family Bible: 

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Fenn Mother of Hattie Fenn Died Sept 20th 1894 Hersey

Mr. Daniel Fenn Father of Hattie Fenn Glover Died Feb 1873

Mr. Samuel Stillman Glover Father of Frank Glover Died Apr 12th 1904 Bear Lake

Addie L. Glover Mother of Frank Glover Died Dec 19th 1917 Waupacee, Wisc.

Emma Winkler Glover Mother Francis Henry Glover III Died Sept 27th, 1915 Detroit

Frank H. Glover Died Oct 7, 1925

Victor Tyson Died Aug 16, 1944

Mrs. Claude Glover Died March 21st, 1937

Mrs. Hattie Glover Died Dec 14, 1950

Francis Henry Glover, II Harry Died Sept 1, 1950

Claude R. Glover Died April 7, 1960
The above information is transcribed as found in the bible.  The relationship for some of the individuals was included on the page.  I have listed the other relationships to Hattie Fenn Glover below:
Frank H. Glover, Hattie's husband.
Victor Tyson, Hattie's daughter, Addie's first husband.
Mrs. Claude Glover, Hattie's son, Claude's first wife, Elizabeth Bellinghausen
Mrs. Hattie Glover, Hattie Fenn Glover
Francis Henry Glover, II (Harry), son of Hattie Fenn and Frank H. Glover
Claude R. Glover, son of Hattie Fenn and Frank H. Glover

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