20 November 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy: Week #47 Genealogy Gift List

This post should be able to write itself!  I have a wish list of genealogy ideas that I add to all the time.  I hope Santa is reading this.

My top three gift ideas are:

1.  Flip Pal Mobile Scanner-I saw a video on this and think it would be great to take to the family reunion.

2.  NEHGS Membership Renewal-I am already a member, but feel guilty spending the money on this.  Of course, each time they send me their book and gift catalog I will have a never ending list of wants.

3.  Archival Quality Boxes-I need these to store my photos, documents and heirlooms I am acquiring.

And Dear Genealogical Genie, I would give up my wish list for this one wish.  I would love to surprise my husband with a trip to The Netherlands.  I have traced his ancestry to the Netherlands in 1470.  There is a family church with a Luijendijk stained glass window in it, in Vierpolders, Netherlands.  I have pictures but would love to see it with my hubby.  I enjoyed researching his family as much as I have mine. 


  1. An outstanding list, and a lot like mine. I have a wand scanner, but now I want the Flip Pal, too. And it would be great to take more research trips!

  2. I think the Flip Pal will be on a lot of genealogists lists. Thanks for commenting.

  3. This Flip Pal thing is viral, but I want one too! I liked your list, but am touched by the wish for a trip to The Netherlands. I absolutely am entranced with stained glass, anything, but esp. in a church. I can understand your strong desire to go there. And, I have a lot of Dutch ancestors (from there of course). We need to share names.

  4. I keep seeing the Flip Pal everywhere. Yes, we will have to share our Dutch names. Who knows we may find a connection yet.