01 March 2010

Coughing and Sneezing

Have you ever looked through yellow and brittle newspapers? Genealogists never know what kind of conditions they will be subjected to when researching old records. One trip my husband and I took, in June 2009, was to the Manistee County Historical Museum in Manistee, Michigan. I had recently found out that both my mother and father’s families had ties to Manistee County. The Manistee museum has a huge index card catalog sorted by surname. Surname references may be from newspaper articles, which they site on the card. I could hardly wait to look for my surnames (Fredrick, Graf, and Glover) in the card catalog. In addition to the card catalog, they have stacks of newspapers in the county going back to the 1870’s. What a find! I found birth announcements, marriage announcements, obituaries, and even an article on a Fredrick family reunion in 1922. Although it was a dirty and dusty task to find the articles (they actually let you look through the original newspaper) it was a marvelous resource that added to my family history records.

The Manistee County Historical Museum can be found at 425 River Street, Manistee, Michigan. (231 723-5531)
or online at http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mimanist/Page63.html

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  1. Sorry Brenda, I have all these comments and questions. Is the photo of the newspapers taken by you? And, this what you had to deal with? If so, amazing. Looks like a fire trap.