14 February 2011

How Much is a Civil War Veteran Worth? Military Monday

My great-great grandfather, Samuel Stillman Glover, Jr. was an injured civil war veteran who applied for many increases in his pension, but wasn't successful in his attempts.  Samuel was shot in the knee while carrying dispatches to General Buell.  He spent months in an army hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.  He received a disability discharge in November of 1862.  Here is what a monthly Civil War Veteran's pension was worth:
  • 21 December 1863  $4
  • 30 July 1889 $8
Samuel died 12 April 1904.  His wife, Adeline, received the following monthly payments:
  • 9 May 1904 $8
  • 23 July 1904 $10
  • 26 September 1916 $12
  • September 1916 $20 (by act of Congress to increase widow's pensions)
  • 4 December 1917 $25
Adeline died 19 December 1917.

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