10 February 2011

My 2nd Childhood Home-Those Places Thursday

Corner of Black River Street and Quince Street
Deckerville, Michigan
Photograph Courtesy of google.com

I enjoyed writing Week 4 of 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History so much I decided to create floor plans and descriptions for the second home I lived in.  This home was on Black River Street in Deckerville, Sanilac, Michigan.  It was across the street from the village park.  This is one of my favorite homes that I lived in. 

Sitting on the back porch that led to the kitchen.

It was a two story, three bedroom, one bath with a full basement house.  It had two porches on the back side of house and an attached one car garage.  I remember the back yard was surrounded by pine trees.

The stairs were directly across from the front door, there was a closet to the right of the stairway.  To the left of the entry way was the dining room.  The kitchen with an eating area was off the dining room towards the back of the house.  The basement stairs were to the right as you entered the kitchen.  The kitchen was a U shaped kitchen.  I don't remember the placement of the appliances, but I remember there was room for a kitchen table and chairs on one end.

To the right of the entry way was the living room.  The living room ran the width of the house.  There was a fireplace on one wall and a door to a nice little porch to the back yard.  I think the dining room and living room had wood floors with rugs over them.

The bedrooms were all upstairs.  There was a small landing at the top of the stairs.  To the right of the landing was a big bedroom, it was over the living room and ran the width of the house.  To the left of the stairway on the left side of the hallway and overlooking the front yard, was another bedroom.  Across from this bedroom was a full bath, the only bathroom in the house.  At the end of the hallway and over the garage was another small bedroom.  This bedroom had a neat closet, it was freezing cold, in the winter, but I remember I could walk into it.  This was my bedroom during the warmer months.  My parents closed it off for the winter.  My sister and I shared the large bedroom over the living room, during the winter.  My parents had the bedroom on the front of the house. 

Some of the memories I have of this house include:
  • seeing a snake in the space between the steps and the porch as you entered the back door into the kitchen, I freaked out and could barely explain to my dad what I was so excited about.
  • having a birthday party, must have been my seventh or eighth one, with school friends
  • walking to school, this was a little further of a walk than the first house we lived in.
  • going across the street and playing on the swings at the park.
  • watching the nuns come to the flower shop, which was across the street and next to the park.  We didn't have a catholic church in Deckerville, so this seemed so foreign and a little scary to me.  This was in the days when they wore the full 'Sound of Music' black habits
  • walking through a opening in the trees and going to the neighbors yard, they had rabbits and let me feed them sometimes.
  • crying in my closet after learning that my Grandma Bell died, my mom came in and asked if I was ok, of course, I said yes.  I remember holding the skirt grandma had bought me. 
  • this is the house where I learned that there wasn't a Santa.  I wrote about it here.
  • waking up in the night and learning that someone had been stabbed on the sidewalk in front of our house. 
  • riding my bike all over the neighborhood, including the time my mom told me I could go for a bike ride but I was not to go uptown!  Guess what I did-yep, I went uptown and got hit by a car.  I wasn't hurt at all, and kept on riding.  The lady who hit me went to my house and told my mom.  I could hear my mom yelling for me blocks away.  I didn't want to go home!  But, I did.  I may have gotten my bike taken away from me for awhile, I don't really remember.


  1. I've been thinking about doing this with all the houses I've lived in over the years. I enjoyed both your memoires of houses.

  2. I am glad I have done it, it is fun. The drawings aren't to scale, but the room placement is accurate, I think.