09 February 2011

My Parent's Bridal Party-Wedding Wednesday

31 May 1952
Trinity Lutheran Church
Onekema, Manistee, Michigan

Front Row-Left to Right:  Bridesmaid Marilyn 'Mickey' Fredricks, sister-in-law of the bride; Maid of Honor Norma Jean 'Jeannie' Fredricks, sister of the bride;  Bride Audrey Jane Fredricks; Groom Bruce David Glover;  Best Man Francis H. 'Hank' Glover, brother of the groom;  Groomsmen Richard Fredricks, brother of the bride (Marilyn's 'Mickey' husband)

Back Row-Left to Right:  Usher Norman Fredricks, brother of the bride; Reverend O. N. Behringer, Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church; Usher John Fredricks, brother of the bride.

The bride wore a waltz length gown of white slipper satin covered in nylon net and lace with a fingertip veil held by a head band of orange blossoms.  The bride carried a bouquet of white roses.

The maid of honor, Jeannie Fredricks, wore a waltz length nile green gown.  The bridesmaid, Mickey Fredricks, wore a waltz length shrimp pink gown.  They carried bouquets of yellow roses and wore headbands of lilies of the valley.


  1. Thanks, I enjoy reading the descriptions they use to give of the dresses. They sound so fancy.

  2. Very pretty mother. Any idea of what happened to her gown?

  3. Thank you, Barbara. I think the dress eventually was thrown out. I remember as a child seeing it in a box in a closet. My mother took it out once and showed me and the lace was brittle and the netting was in bad shape.

  4. Wedding photographs are my favorite. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love to see wedding photo's, too. Each one is so different.