27 October 2011

Best and Worst in Science-52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History

Week 42.  Favorite School Subject.  What was your favorite subject in school and why?  Was it also your best subject?

Although I haven't always done well in all my science classes, there is one science area that I loved and that was Anatomy.  It was called Advanced Biology in high school.  The teacher Mr. Clark made the class fun.   We studied the systems of the human body for an entire semester.  I find the study of the human body to be fascinating.  I think my good memory helped in this class.  I remember having to name bones, muscles, heart chambers, veins, arteries, etc.  I took Human Biology in college and enjoyed that class as well.  My Advanced Biology grade was mostly "A's".  My Human Biology grade was a "B". 

Week 43.  Worst School Subject.  What was your worst or least favorite subject in school and why? 

As much as I liked anatomy, I detested Chemistry.  Why I thought I wanted to major in medical technology when I went to college I have no idea.  It was the thought of eight semesters of Chemistry that made me quickly change my mind.  Plus, I failed one Chemistry class my second semester in college.  I took one Chemistry class in high school and although I did well, A's and B's, it wasn't my favorite subject.  I really liked the teacher, Mr. Miljour.  He made the class fun, but I felt like I didn't have a clue in some of the labs we did.

Even though I picked both subjects as science classes, it is the difference the teachers made in my life that made both experiences a good one.  When I became a teacher myself, I remembered the teachers that made a difference in my life and tried to emulate them.  Although, I never jumped on top of my desk to get my student's attention (Mr. Miljour did!), I did use humor in the classroom.  Thank you Mr. Clark and Mr. Miljour for two great science experiences.

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