24 January 2012

Jack G. Tyson and Rosalene M Tyson-Tombstone Tuesday

Burial:  Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, Michigan

JUL 8 1923   SEP 17 2010

JUL 3 1923   SEP 2 2009

Jack Glover Tyson is the son of Adeline E. Glover and Victor Tyson.  He was born 8 July 1923 in Marquette, Marquette, Michigan.  He died 17 September 2010 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan.  Rosalene's maiden name was Richardson.  She died 2 September 2009 in Battle Creek, Calhoun, Michigan.  They are buried in Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, Michigan.


  1. John "Jack" G Tyson was my husband's grandfather. Shortly before he passed away I had an opportunity to sit with him and recorded the following life story directly from him:
    Military Information: John "Jack" Tyson eloped to try to avoid the draft, but still ended up being drafted. Wanted to go into the Air Force but could not because of his eye site. Ended up joining the Army and asked to be in the Airborn. He was a corporal. He was in for 3 years (Army and Air Force). Was in the Pacific Front. Took 26 days by ship (no escort) to get from New Guinnee to Laitees (sp). Ran into a storm while enrout to New Guinnee. Broke a prop and drifted for 2 days. There for 3 months before moving on. There were a lot of scurmishes on the island. Went to Meninoral to Lake Tall. Boona Mission was first place when and set up camp. Only place that was clear was old runways. Problem with GIs getting bitten by rats and getting typhis. Set all the grass on fire to eliminate the grass around the base. As everything was burning there were racks of 100 lb bombs (stockpile left in the grass) appeared. Fortunately the bombs did not explode! Had to go as far away as possible while everything burned around the bombs. Everything was underground in the islands. They had breathing holes all around. Trees had breathing holes that you would stand by and wouldn't know. Were standing around the 1st Sargent tent listening to the radio at the time the Atom bombs were dropped. B-24 bombers were what we were going to fly into Japan. McArthur had select our group to go in to Japan. 24 solders were killed on the 1st plane to take off and head into Japan. Didn't know what to expect when got into Japan. The air field was surrounded by Japanese. Very leary. Base was way up on China Sea. Never saw area of Hiroshima. Right on the North Sea. Barracks use to be their intelligence school. They were raised off the ground (earthquake proof) and were covered walk ways. Found a big flag there. Crawled under the barracks and found their intelligence flag. Sent it and a .31 army rifle home.

    We had folding carbines and grease gun. It was a horrible gun. I was the only one in the unit with a Tommy Gun. Found it in the river. Only had trouble getting another clip, but easy to get bullets as the officers had .45s. Captain Huggit was nearby and would tell me what to hit. Didn't have it when I got to Japan. Lost the .45 I would keep in my boot gambling.

  2. Dear Paige, Thank you so much for sharing. It is wonderful that your got Jack's military service from him. I think so many of these stories will soon be lost. My father, Jack's first cousin, wanted to go in the Air Force as well, but couldn't because of his eye sight. A family trait? Again, thank you for sharing.