12 January 2012

Grandma Fredrick's Creamer-Treasure Chest Thursday

My grandmother, Daisy Graf Fredricks, lived a simple life as a farmer's daughter and wife.  She lived a humble life.  She was a kind, loving, Christian women with a wonderful laugh.  She didn't have a lot, but anytime I visited her she made me feel welcome.  Our family usually visited her at least once a year.

So, when my mother asked if I would like to have a creamer that belonged to her I said, "yes".  I think this is the only heirloom my mother had from her mother.  It is special to me because of this.  In the spring, I use it as a vase.  It is in pretty good condition.  Although, it does have one small chip on the spout.  I think she would get a chuckle out of my using it.   She probably doesn't think anyone would want "that old thing".  She was like that.

The creamer is a waffle pattern with scallops and real? gold on the rim.  It is a pressed glass cream.  I imagine my grandmother pouring her fresh cream into the small pitcher in the morning for her coffee, or maybe for fresh strawberries.  I have a faint memory of it on her table at her home in Brethren, Michigan.  I may have been having a snack at the time, probably cookies.

Grandma Fredrick's creamer is one that I will treasure for years to come.

(I even found it on etsy as an antique!)

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  1. Brenda, it is a beautiful creamer. I love the shape and the decorative sides and scallops. All the better that you have memories of your grandmother to associate with it.