06 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Travis

Happy Birthday, Travis

 Travis celebrating his 1st birthday with an angel food cake topped with blueberries.

Travis celebrated his 1st birthday on a very snowy day.  The weather was so bad that no one could come and celebrate with him.  Kirk, Kirsten, Travis and myself celebrated at our home in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Travis excited about opening his gifts.

The celebration included opening gifts that were sent from Grandma and Grandpa Glover, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Neil, who were living in Texas at the time, Kirsten, and us (Mom and Dad).  You received clothes (a warm up suit, blue jeans, Dallas Cowboy sweatshirt), toys (Pop Up Pals, Animal Sounds Barn, Teddy Bear named Radar) and Money.

Travis, Kirsten and Radar

Travis loved his bear, Radar, that his sister, Kirsten, gave him for his birthday.  Radar was Sesame Street's Big Bird's bear.  This bear was so soft and cuddly.  Travis loved the bear to the point that Radar eventually lost a leg and an arm. 

Travis wasn't so sure about the cake, but the blueberries looked good.

Your birthday dinner included one of your favorite foods at the time, turkey and pasta.  I made Turkey Tetrazzini.  A birthday cake of angel food cake topped with blueberries was enjoyed.  You weren't too sure about the angel food cake.  You took the cake off of your Mickey Mouse paper plate and licked the blueberries.

A Happy 1 Year Old!

I hope Travis is enjoying his birthday, today, as much as he enjoyed his 1st Birthday.  Happy Birthday, Travis!  I wish I could be there to celebrate with you.


  1. Sweet post Brenda. Does Travis like Angel Food Cake now? (It's my favorite.) Happy Birthday to Travis.

  2. Aw, look at Radar Bear with all his appendages!

  3. Barbara, he isn't much of a sweet eater, now. Kirsten, Radar looks lovely.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful Birthday post!