04 January 2012

The Worlds of Genealogy and Theatre Collide: Part II

The costume inspiration board

I wrote about the worlds of genealogy and theatre colliding and my daughter's connection to it in a post titled "The Worlds of Genealogy and Theatre Collide".  I had the privilege of attending Light Opera Works in Evanston, Illinois production of 'The Secret Garden' this past weekend.  The Secret Garden musical is filled with beautiful music; music that you feel in your heart and soul.

My heart and soul was filled with pride Saturday night.  Pride that my daughter is following her dream of being a musical theatre performer.  Watching her perform is a joy, one that I cherish every time I see it.  Pride that her great, great grandparents were an inspiration for costumes.

I sat in the audience as the characters of Ben, the gardener, and Martha, the housekeeper, entered the stage.  I knew that my great grandparent's picture was the inspiration for their costumes.  I am still in awe of the coincidence. 

Even Kirsten was touched by the coincidence.  She said, "I'd seen that photo of the Fredricks' a handful of times, but I never expected to see it at a design concept presentation! They put the photo up on the costume plot board and I had to look twice...then text my mother asap! As actors and designers, we always are looking at images for inspiration and research, but you never think you'll see photos of your own family.  When I told some of the cast members that the photo was of my great great  grandparents, the response was "no way!" It was a cool moment."

Here is the picture of Johann August Fredrick and Louise Fredricke Zastrow Fredrick.  The one used as costume inspiration.

 And, here is the picture of Ben and Martha from Light Opera Works Production of "The Secret Garden"


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  1. Love it! And the actor that played Ben actually sort of resembles grandpa Frederick!