04 May 2012

Blogging Scores Again

There are many reasons people, and I, blog.  One of the reasons is 'cousin bait'.  You put your family history information online in hopes of connecting with others who are researching your family, too.   There is nothing more exhilarating than receiving an email that starts "I was researching my family and found your blog" or something similar.

This has happened to me twice in the last month, both contacts researching my Fredrick line.  My Fredrick line was a brick wall for about five years.  It is only in the last year that I have had a major breakthrough, only the last few months that I knew where in Prussia, now Poland, they emigrated from. 

My new cousins are granddaughters of Emma Fredrich Chalmers, the sister of my grandfather, Otto August Fredrick, which makes us second cousins.  I am so happy to be in contact with Mari and Barbara.  I have lots of information on Emma that I didn't know which is wonderful and so helpful.  I will be sharing it soon on my blog.

Children of Emma (Fredrich) and James B. Chalmers
Sitting:  Audrey
Standing L-R:  Catherine (Kate), Oral
In addition to information, I enjoy making new connections and learning from them.  Mari has already helped me by identifying people in a picture I had.  I had names, although in the wrong order, but not a clue of where they fit in the family.  Now I know. 

I look forward to sharing my research with my new cousins.  Who knew they were out there?  I do now, and all thanks to blogging!


  1. Cousin Bait is potent - I hope you keep reeling them in.

  2. Jill and Jana, Thank you for the comments. I hope I keep really them in too. It is fun.