08 May 2012

Johann August Fredrick and Louise Fredrike Zastrow Married 137 Years Ago

Source:  Manistee, Michigan, marriage certificate no. 653 L.2 p44, Johann August Fredrick and Louise Fredrike Zastrow; Manistee County Clerk Office, Manistee, Michigan.

137 years ago today, J. August Fredrick and Louise Fredrike Zastrow were married in Manistee, Manistee, Michigan.

My mother and sister obtained the above copy of their marriage certificate from the county clerk's office in Manistee, Michigan.  Using the information from the ledgers, the clerk transcribed Louise's name as "Sauise", not being able to read the "L".  My mom explained that this was her grandmother and her name was Louise, but they said they had to write it as written, not realizing it was actually an L. 

The same mistake was made on the minister's last name.  Hermann Semke was written on the record, but the minister's name was Hermann Lemke.  It makes me wonder if August Tose is transcribed right.  Oh, well.

Happy Anniversary!!


  1. I looked at the original marrige document at familysearch, and I read the name "August Guse" as the witness (instead of 'August Tose').


    Many greetings from Germany,
    Susanna Rosalie

  2. Susanna, this is an excellent example of why it is important to look at the original document, which I had hoped would have been what the county clerk did. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it.