14 December 2012

Christmas Traditions and Vegetable Pizza-Family Recipe Friday

Tree Trimming Party, 1991
Vegetable Pizza on right.

Tonight would be the night that we would put our tree up and have our annual tree trimming party, if my children hadn't grown up and left us.  How dare they have lives of their own:)?  When my children, Kirsten and Travis, were growing up we would put our tree up the second Friday of December.  We celebrated by having a tree trimming party.

I would put the tree up in preparation for their help that night.  I would make snack-like food and we would make tree trimming a festive time.  One of the recipes I always made was Vegetable Pizza.  Sometimes I would make it in a tree shape or a wreath shape, or sometimes just cut it in squares.

Last week, my son emailed me and asked me for the recipe.  He and his girlfriend were putting their tree up and having snacks.  (sniff, sniff)  I was so pleased that he was continuing a tradition that started when he was young.

Here is my recipe for Vegetable Pizza, courtesy of a very good friend, Mary:

I wrote about our Tree Trimming Party in 2010 for Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. 


  1. Sorry I won't be continuing the veggie pizza tradition, the pizza bites were always my favorite! I always loved those tree trimming parties, one of my favorite childhood memories! (And I love that retro photo!!!)

  2. That's ok, you don't have to. If I remember right, you each got to pick your favorites for me to fix. This was probably my favorite more than anyone's.