04 December 2012

Frances Henry Glover and Mabel Louise (Ruff) Glover-Tombstone Tuesday

In November, my husband and I took a trip to Troy, Michigan.  Kirk had a conference and I decided to tag along for a weekend getaway.  One that would include a little genealogy, of course.  The hotel we were staying in was about a mile from White Chapel Memorial Park Cemetery; the cemetery my Uncle Hank and Aunt Mabel were buried in.  Before we left home my husband asked me if I wanted to pack my cemetery bag (isn't he a dear to remember?).  My reply was, "No, it hasn't been that long since they died, I think I will be fine." Ha, famous last words.

I scheduled the grave site visit for Monday.  My husband was receiving the "Heart of Gold" award from the Michigan School Counselors Association during the conference.  An award that about 15 students nominated him for.  The award was given during a luncheon and I was invited to attend.  We had to check out of the hotel before lunch and I thought I would go to the lunch, visit the grave site, do a little shopping, and be done in time to pick Kirk up.  You know what they say, the best laid plans...

I checked out of the hotel, attended the luncheon and went to the grave site   Of course, I didn't change my clothes from the luncheon, there wasn't a need right?  I was only going to take a couple of pictures, pay my respects, and leave.

This is what I saw when I found their grave site   Not bad, I could just brush the leaves off and all would be good.  What I found when I removed the leaves was that the grass had grown over the edges of the stone about 2 inches all the way around it.  At this point I was thinking, I should have brought my cemetery bag.  I started to tear away at the grass and quickly decided it wasn't going to work.  Luckily, I had my phone with me and I brought the cemetery up on the map and searched nearby for hardware stores. Bingo, there was one just down the street from the cemetery.  I headed there and found the tools I needed (gloves, trowel, clippers, whisk broom and wipes for my hands).  A quick stop at a convenience store for water and I was back in no time.  While I am on my hands and knees, in good clothes, I am talking to my Aunt and Uncle.  I have very fond memories of them.  The cleaned up stone is below.

1915  - 2001      1921  - 1996

Near Hank and Mabel Glover's stone is a veteran stone for my Uncle, this one didn't need as much clean up.    I barely made it back in time to pick Kirk up, but the time I spent with the Uncle Hank and Aunt Mabel was one that I was happy to do.  

Francis Henry Glover and Mabel Louise Glover are buried in Section 15618, Spaces 13 and 14, Block M  Near the Korean War Memorial.


  1. Brenda, do tell, what all to you pack in your cemetery bag? It sounds like a wonderful idea to prepare a kit for just such adventures.

  2. Rorey, I have a canvas bag that I keep packed and stored in the garage. It has a spray bottle for water, whisk broom, small grass clippers, small trowel, rag, notepad and pen. I also take my list of gravesites and a map, my digital camera and old shoes. Someone suggested a white board to record information on and to take a picture with and without the white board. I haven't done that yet.

  3. I need to pack myself a cemetery bag like yours, Brenda. On my last cemetery visit I had to get rid of an ant pile on my family member's grave marker!

  4. I haven't encountered ant piles yet, lots of mosquitoes though. It is nice to have a bag ready to go when the moment spurs me.