20 December 2012

The End: Hattie's Bible-Treasure Chest Thursday

I have written 22 blog posts about Hattie's Bible in the past year and a half.  I have no other records or family pictures to share from the Bible so I will close out this series with a few thoughts.

Hattie's Bible has to be the number one greatest all time genealogy gift.  I still remember the day I opened the box and the excitement I felt while looking at it.  I imagine Hattie reading her Bible, recording important events in it and tucking cherished memories within the pages, all of these things that I found delight in discovering and sharing with my readers.

I would love to give Hattie's Bible a prominent place in my home, but the 1882 Bible is in fragile condition.  There is beautiful artwork in the Bible.  The Lord's Prayer page is embossed and could be framed as a piece of art.  I won't do that as I want to keep the Bible as I received it.  I carefully removed the clippings and pictures stored in the Bible and put it away in an archival quality box for safe keeping.

The excitement continued each month as I planned and wrote a blog post about Hattie's Bible.  I found great pleasure in reading her marriage license, the newspaper article about her husband, Frank, being given a lighthouse position, and her letter from her son, where he talked about my grandfather, Harry.  The pictures saved in the Bible were priceless.  Pictures of Hattie as a young child, on her wedding day, her husband's picture at a young age, her parent's pictures-all pictures which have great meaning to me as a genealogist.   I feel I got to know Hattie and her son-my grandfather through her Bible.  I never knew my grandfather as he died before I was born.

I never thought I would get attached to an object I was writing about, but I did.  I will miss writing about Hattie's Bible.  I will never forget the generosity of Mary Louise Blades and her daughter, Carol.  They were determined that I receive the Bible.  I hope the stories I shared go a long way in defining who Hattie was, someone I would be proud to call Great Grandma.


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  1. What a most marvellous family treasure. I can fully understand your pleasure and excitement on receiving it and delving into its contents. Now I have discovered your blog, I must read your ealier posts on Hattie's Bible. Kind regards.

  2. Brenda,
    What a nice conclusion. I remember the Bible well and how excited you were, and of course, I was envious. It couldn't have gone to a nicer person. Nicely done Brenda.

  3. ScotSue, I agree it is a treasure. I hope you enjoy my other posts on it.

    Barbara, thank you. I appreciate your support.