12 December 2012

Valentine Graf and Nancy Mast-Wedding Wednesday

Valentine Graf and Nancy Mast
24 November 1888

Recently, I wrote a Motivation Monday post about receiving this picture.  A cousin, Hannah, found me through my blog and emailed me.  She offered me a copy of Valentine and Nancy Graf's wedding picture, if I would like it.  WOULD I LIKE IT?  Yes, Yes, and Yes!

Hannah's great grandmother, Nina Graf Johnson, and my grandmother, Daisy Graf Fredrick, were sisters.  Thank you Hannah, for reaching out to me and sharing a treasured picture with me.

Valentine Graf was born 14 December 1865 in Amboy, Miami, Indiana, United States to Casper Graf and Mary Wrightweasner.  He lived his early years in and around Miami County, Indiana.  Sometime between 1900 and 1905 he moved to Brethren, Manistee, Michigan.  He lived there until his death, 13 January 1933.

Nancy Mast was born 23 February 1871 in Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States to David Samuel Mast and Anna Nancy Livengood.  She lived in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, Holmes County, Ohio, and Miami County, Indiana before her marriage to Valentine Graf.  She moved with Valentine Graf between 1900-1905 to Brethren, Manistee, Michigan.  Nancy Mast Graf died in Dickson Township, Manistee, Michigan on 18 January 1908.

Valentine Graf and Nancy Mast were married 24 November 1888, in Miami County, Indiana. (Original record can be found in the County Clerk's office, Peru, Miami, Indiana)

Valentine and Nancy Graf were the parents of 10 children, 3 whom died in infancy:
  1. Henry Jerome Graf  (1890-1964)
  2. Ernest Franklin Graf  (1891-1974)
  3. Daisy Ellen Graf  (1892-1978)
  4. Mary Ann Graf  (1894-1981)
  5. Willie Graf  (1896-1896)
  6. Pearly Mae Graf  (1897-1898)
  7. Maggie Jane Graf  (1899-1986)
  8. Nina Belle Graf  (1901-1990)
  9. Martha Beulah Graf  (1905-1993)
  10. Infant Graf  (1907-1907)
I have never seen a picture of my great grandmother, Nancy Graf.  The picture I had of Valentine Graf was from later in his life.  I now have pictures of all eight of my great grandparents, something I never thought was possible.  Now all I need to do is find a place for it on my genealogy wall!

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