20 August 2013

Family Search Treats Bloggers to Good Food and Good News

I have arrived in Fort Wayne and already been treated to a great dinner, courtesy of Family Search.  Family Search invited all bloggers, who were going to FGS 2013,  to a blogger dinner at the Grand Wayne Convention Center  I didn't count how many bloggers were in attendance, but I would guess at least 50.

After a little social time, welcoming statements, and a delicious dinner the bloggers were treated to the latest news and what is happening at Family Search.  The next year will be another one of great growth for Family Search.

Here are a few highlights of tonight's announcements:

  • Diane Loosle is the new Family History Library Director.  Diane has a warm and welcoming demeanor and I am sure she will be great in this position.
  • "Not charts...but Hearts" and "Heart Turning Experiences" will be one of the focuses as Family Search goes forward.
  • 1.7 million names are added to Family Seach daily.  Wow!
  • Family Search will be introducing Family History Discovery Centers.  These interactive centers will be opening up this year in high traffic areas with hopes of going worldwide, eventually.
  • Oral History Recording Studio's will be placed in Family History Centers in the future.
  • Adding photo's and stories to Family Search Family Tree will be expanded on.
  • Third party apps and partnerships will continue to be developed.
  • 1 Billion names have been indexed since 2006.  For every one name indexed there are ten names that go un-indexed.  Volunteers are needed to continue with this worthwhile project.  
  • A new marketing campaign video centered around indexing can be found on You Tube.  The video is Family Search:  Indexing is Vital for Research.
I am sure I missed a few of the new and exciting things happening with Family Search, stay tuned to see what develops in the next year.  

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