06 August 2013

School Days 1925 in Brethren Michigan

This picture was taken during the 1925/1926 School Year at Dickson School in Brethren, Michigan.  Two of my aunts are in the picture.  Lola Mae Fredricks is in the top row, second from the left and Kathryn Louise Fredricks is in the front row, second from the right.  Both daughters of Otto and Daisy (Graf) Fredricks.  Aunt Lola was in Kindergarten and Aunt Kate was in second grade at the time.  The teacher on the left was Miss Anderson, Aunt Lola's kindergarten teacher.  Another relative, Lloyd Tritten, can be found in the middle row, sixth from the left.  Lloyd Tritten is the son of William and Mary Ann (Graf) Tritten.  My grandmother, Daisy Graf Fredricks and Mary Ann Graf Tritten were sisters.

Dickson School is located at the corner of High Bridge Road and Coates Highway.  It is the school that my mother attended.  Sadly, it is in need of repair.  A group of alumni are trying to raise money to make the building a cultural center.  One of the Dickson School alumni is James Earl Jones, the actor and voice of Darth Vader.  He has helped to raise money for the school.

Dickson School in 2010.
The class picture was taken outside of the school.  You can see the basement windows and brick, much as it was in 1925.

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