25 May 2014

Cutie Pie is 4!!!!

Happy Birthday, Cutie Pie

My niece, Cutie Pie, is four years old today!  She is growing into a beautiful, fun, young girl.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings us for our entertainment.

I got to spend a week with Cutie Pie and her family last fall.  I loved it.  She has a beautiful smile and is so much fun.  She was eager to play outside and do crafts.  I dug into my preschool teacher mind set and with the help of Pinterest came up with some crafts for us to do while I was there.  Many of them centered around a fall theme and Halloween, the time of year I visited. 

Since I was there for Halloween, the weekend before we went on a train ride to a pumpkin patch.  Cutie Pie got to ride the train, pick out a pumpkin, play in a bouncy house, play ring toss and more.  My parents-Cutie Pie's grandparents, Cutie Pie's parents, her brother-Lord Stanley, and myself had a fun time that day.

I was amazed at what a great mommy's helper Cutie Pie was.  It was her job to set the table for dinner each night.  I made the mistake of putting the place mats on the table.  I quickly picked them up for her to do. She is a wiz in the kitchen, too.  We made brownies one afternoon.  She can crack an egg, stir batter, add ingredients and more.  Do we have a chef in the making?

One of the best parts of the trip was when I taught her to play "Red Light, Green Light".  If anyone was watching me run around the back yard I am sure it was worth a laugh.  I was the one saying red light, green light and then after a few minutes she said, "It is my turn to sit".  I had to laugh as I was sitting in the lawn chair while I did it.  She started calling out red light, green light and then yellow light.  What a smartie!  I hadn't used that phrase. 

I hope Cutie Pie has a fabulous fourth birthday, she deserves it.  I sent a special gift to her for her birthday. It is one that, hopefully, will remind her of when I visited.

Check out a few pictures from Cutie Pie's third year.

October 2013

 Halloween Party, October 2013, at Preschool-I got to go, it was so much fun!

Sitting pretty with her grandparents and Lord Stanley, October 2013

New Bike-What a good girl to wear a helmet.

Dressed up for Dr. Seuss Day at Preschool, March 2014

 Easter-2014 Cutie Pie and Lord Stanley, her brother.  I think Cutie Pie enjoyed it more than her brother did. 

 Look at that smile, I smile everytime I look at this picture.

(Lord Stanley and Cutie Pie are nicknames I have chosen to use for my nephew and niece on this blog to protect their identity at such a young age.)

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