01 July 2014

Tombstone Tuesday: Charles W and Mary Ann Glover

A recent visit to Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti, Michigan turned out to be time well spent. The office was closed for lunch when Kirk and I arrived. We decided to drive around and look for Glover burials while we waited for the office to open.  Highland Cemetery is a very large cemetery and I wasn't sure we would be successful in our blind searching. Thankfully, the Glover Family Stone was large enough to see from the road.

Kirk spotted the Glover stone first and this is what he saw.  Kirk and I got out of the car and I was surprised at the twelve Glover burials on this lot.  I knew about a few of the burials, but a few were there that I had not expected to be.

Before this visit, a Glover researcher, Jan, and I had been talking about our common ancestor, Samuel Stillman Glover and Vinera Powers Glover.  Jan and I have been working on finding out who Vinera's mother was.  We knew that Vinera's sister, Mary Ann Powers, married Samuel's brother, Charles Williamson Glover.  Vinera's and Mary Ann's mother, Lucy, lived with Mary Ann for awhile and was listed in the census as Lucy Hyde.  We talked about how we needed to find where Charles and Mary Ann Glover were buried and we might find Lucy.  We even joked we would do it if we had to walk through every cemetery in Livingston and Washtenaw county, Michigan!

Well, Jan we don't have to walk through every cemetery!  I found Charles and Mary Ann Glover in Highland Cemetery in the Glover family lot!  Did I find Lucy?  Check back next Tuesday, for the answer to that!


The two pictures above are Charles W. Glover's gravestone.  Reading the face of the stone is very difficult, but I could make out DIED and AGED 75 YEARS.  My previous research showed that Charles Williamson Glover was born in 1796 and died in 1871.


Dec. 19. 1885

I spent time taking a lot of pictures around the Glover family stone as there were a number of them that I wasn't sure how they fit into the family.  I finished with the Glover plot and walked to the next plot where I found a Blodget family stone.  I knew that a Glover married a Blodget and started photographing the stones there. I found twenty six burials in these two plots.

The cemetery office was open, now, and I wanted to see what information I could get on these two burial lots.  Tina, the woman working in the office, was very helpful.  She looked up the information on the Glover plot and the Blodget one.  She photocopied the cemetery cards for me.  The cards provide the following information:  the owner of the lot, Lot number, Block number, date of purchase, purchase price, who is buried in the plot and their grave number, dates of birth and death(on some, not all), and a map of the plot.  I had all the names of who was buried in the two plots.  I hadn't been able to read all of the gravestones and this was a big help.

I have my work cut out for me researching the names of the burials, but I am looking forward to it. Highland Cemetery proved to be a wealth of information. Check back often, for I will be sharing more on my Highland Cemetery finds.

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