27 July 2014

World War I Centennial Faith Observation Event

People of faith across the United States will come together, today, to  remember the loss and sacrifices created by World War I.  The World War One Centennial Commission, which was established by the United States Congress, partnered with the Washington (D.C.) National Cathedral to help with this occasion.

The National Cathedral created faith resources for religious groups to use in their worship today.  It is the hope of the Commission and Cathedral that today will bring people of faith together for a day of remembrance, to acknowledge the suffering of World War I and to work towards alleviating future suffering that wars cause.

In addition to the National Cathedral resources, there are international resources available here.  World War I was known as the Great War, and little did they know at the start of it, that it would not be the only significant war in the 20th century.

No matter what your religious preferences are, on aren't, today is a day to reflect on the impact that World War I had, not only on the United States, but on the whole world.

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