08 July 2014

Did I Find Lucy Powers Hyde's Burial Place?

Last week, I blogged about a visit to Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti Michigan.  I shared the gravestone pictures of Charles Williamson Glover and his, wife Mary Ann (Powers) Glover.  I left readers with a question, "Did I Find Lucy?" Lucy Powers Hyde is the mother of Mary Ann (Powers) Glover and Vinera Eglantine Powers Glover, making Lucy my fourth great grandmother.

Another Glover researcher, Jan, and I have been looking for information on Lucy for a couple of years now. Jan felt if we could find where Charles and Mary Ann Glover were buried, we might find Lucy.  She was right!  Lucy is buried in Highland Cemetery in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

It took more than visiting the cemetery to uncover this fact.  Previously, I wrote about the information I received at the Highland Cemetery Office and the discovery of the burial of Lucy Glover, as written on the burial plot card.  I had no idea how Lucy Glover fit into my family tree.  The only Lucy I knew was Vinera's and Mary Ann's mother, but she wasn't a Glover.

My next step in my research was to find a transcription for Highland Cemetery.  I looked on the Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County website, of which I am a member, and found a transcription. This transcription was compiled by David Strong Flower using the transcription taken during the years 1936-1942 by Louis S. White. I searched for Hyde, but no hits. I decided to look through the Glover names and see if there was anything added for Lucy Glover.  I couldn't find Lucy Glover in the transcription, but on page 102, in Block 100, next to Charles W. Glover was Lucy Hyer!  I now believe that the Lucy in the Glover plot is Mary Ann and Vinera Powers Glover's mother.  More research will be needed to prove that this Lucy is Mary Ann's and Vinera's mother, but at first glance I believe it to be so.

Here is Lucy's gravestone, found in Highland Cemetery, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw, Michigan.

Gravestone for Lucy "Glover" (as written in cemetery office) or Lucy "Hyer" (as written on transcription) or Lucy Hyde (actual name), totally unreadable.


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