01 March 2022

12 Years of Blogging


Happy Anniversary to me or should I say to my Journey to the Past blog. Thank you to all my readers for sticking with me the past twelve years.

Twelve years ago, today, I decided I wanted to share my family history via a blog. I started out doing very well and even won an award or two, but then as often happens life gets in the way and my blogging suffered. Hopefully, I am back to regular blogging.

I looked at my top ten posts and find it interesting that in the number one spot is my ancestor biography of Daniel C. Fenn. If you are viewing this as a relative of Daniel, please email me. I would love to make new cousin connections.

I am happy to see people are looking at my Pure Michigan Genealogy posts. I updated all ten of the posts in January, 2022. I like to use my blog to promote Michigan records and repositories.

The only surprise is number 7, Do You Have Summer Genealogy Plans? I didn't share anything newsworthy. I just shared five goals I had hoped to accomplish.

These are the top ten all time viewed posts.

  1. Ancestor Biography: Daniel C. Fenn
  2. Historic Adventist Village, Battle Creek, MI
  3. Pure Michigan Genealogy: Records
  4. Michigan's Role in the War of 1812
  5. Ancestor Biography: Otto August Fredrick
  6. Tech Tuesday: Social Media for Genealogy Analysis
  7. Do You Have Summer Genealogy Plans?
  8. Was Your German Ancestor Recruited to Come to Michigan?
  9. Surname Saturday: Livengood
  10. Pure Michigan Genealogy: Migration and Immigration


  1. Congratulations on your 12th blogiversary. I enjoy your posts and wish you many more fun years ahead.