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A Genealogy Blessing: A Live One

01 October 2010

So often in genealogy we experience joys when we find our ancestor's information.  Unfortunately, our ancestors can't talk to us or help us in our research.  So when Apple from Apple's Tree introduced me, via email, to a Glover cousin-I was excited.  As my Glover cousin says, "the biggest  bonus for me is finding a 'live one.'"  I agree.  Someone to talk to and share research with.  Someone who is into genealogy as much as I am.  I have been emailing my Glover cousin for the last six months, and we have exchanged pictures, stories and facts.  We are related through our great great grandfathers.  My ancestor, Samuel Stillman Glover, Jr. and her ancestor, Dennis H. Glover were brothers.

As we emailed and got to know one another I wanted to meet my Glover cousin, but she lives two states away.  During one of our emails, she mentioned her daughter just got accepted to college in Chicago.  My daughter lives in Chicago.  The wheels started churning!  Finally, this past weekend we met in Chicago.  Not only did Samuel's and Dennis' great great granddaughters meet-their great great great granddaughters met and will be living in the same city!

We had an enjoyable but much too short visit over lunch in Chicago.  As I have said before what started out as an activity to fill out a 5 generation pedigree chart has evolved into so much more than I have ever thought possible.  It's the 'live ones' that are a blessing.  And thanks, Apple, who happens to be a Glover descendant, too!


Barbara Poole said...

Absolutely loved this post. I'm glad you got to meet, and I have a feeling there will be another get-together. Only a genealogist from another state (NY) would tell you, in Michigan, about another Glover cousin and then you meet in Chicago. Just amazing, and I'm happy for you.

Brenda said...

Thanks Barbara, it was a special day.

hummer said...

Wonderful post, but even better what a wonderful happening. Many of us "visit" over the phone, email, but few actually get to meet.
thanks for sharing.

Brenda said...

Hummer, Yes it was wonderful. I only wish it would have been a longer visit.

David said...

I agree, it's always a treat to find a live cousin. I have "met" many cousins through email and snail mail over the years but have never had a chance to get together in person.

Greta Koehl said...

Just came back from a great genealogy trip with newly found cousins. It's so great to spend time with people who share your love of genealogy and your relatives!

Brenda said...

David, I hope someday you get the chance to meet a cousin, it is a real treat.

Greta, Yes it is great to share with relatives, nothing better than to connect with them.

Apple said...

I'm so happy you two were able to meet in person!

Brenda said...

Thanks for connecting us:)

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